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LUCISBIO® is committed to maintaining and developing its knowledge in its field of competences and wants to epitomize an industrial company providing technical solutions for cleanrooms and sensitive environments..

Research & Dev

LUCISBIO® is using an innovative approach in LED lighting systems designing extremly reliable solutions for cleanrooms, containment equipments and sensitive industries. These solutions are relying on LUCISBIO® innovations and expertise.


LUCISBIO® is committed to having a responsible approach to the design of its products, respectful of both health and the environment. This permanent concern is impacting the choice of material and the manufacturing methods of all LUCISBIO® realizations.


LUCISBIO® is a French manufacturer of LED* fittings and luminaires specially designed for sensitive environments and cleanrooms..


Focused to excellence and quality, all Lucisbio products and services are dedicated to pharmaceutical industry, semiconductors sector, biotechnology, Biological and safety laboratories, food industrie and animal laboratories.


LUCISBIO® led lighting by their design and ease of use, fulfill all expectations and satisfy all industrial requirements concerning quality, reliability and safety. All products are designed and manufactured in compliance with all applicable regulations.


LUCISBIO® is gathering within its ressources and partners the LED* and OLED** experts, designing innovative solutions without equivalent.


LUCISBIO® proposes its expertise in integration of systems and processes of biodecontamination.


*LED : Light emitting diode ** OLED : Organic Light Emitting Diode

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