As a patented innovation, the DALSP-X range of product is designed and manufactured specifically to meet all the regulations and standards applicable to cleanrooms for life Sciences field (from class ISO 5 to ISO 9) and semi industry (ISO 2 to ISO 9). The DALSP-X range is compatible with of hydrogen peroxide vapour (H2O2) treatments as well as other preparations used for the room biodecontamination.


Points forts

  • ISO 5 to ISO 9
  • Surface mounted without cutting an opening in the ceiling
  • 12 mm of depth without any surface of retention for particulate contamination
  • Resistant to Hydrogen peroxide vapour treatments. The only available lighting solution with a full clean concept design.
  • Life expectancy: 100 000 hours
  • Several luminous flow, dimensions, diffusers and powering mode are available.

LED LIGHTING patented solutions dedicated for cleanrooms and sensitive industries


The DALSP-X range is to be directly mounted onto cleanroom ceilings, without the need to cut an opening. Waterproof and without any surface retaining contamination, it simplifies considerably cleanroom designs.
The DALSP-X-6P3 models, thanks to its size, is the ideal solution for lighting airlocks and workbench surfaces …


Without any maintenance, offering a very long lifetime above 100 000 hours (L70B10), with a very low energy consumption and various dimming possibilities, our lighting solutions are actively contributing to reduce operating cost.


Luminous flow, wavelength and/or colour of temperature are adapted for the DALSP-X-6P6 range to bring a suitable Light solution whatever are the ceiling height or manufacturing constraints (i.e; inactinic, research laboratory…)


Lighting fixture made of a polycarbonate injected front screen on which a flush diffuser is mounted and solidarized with an aluminium heat diffusion plate.


4 self-taping stainless steel screws are applying the backs side of the lighting fixture directly onto the ceiling, without the need of an opening. 4 polycarbonate injected caps are covering these screws to provide a perfect sealability of the assembly.

Power conversion

The DALSP-X range is powered through a corrected and regulated constant current generated by LUCISBIO CAC range of power converters. These power converters can be 0-10Volts or DALI dimmable.

Technical specifications
Dimensions L x W x H 600 x 300 x 12 mm / 600 x 600 x 12 mm
Weight 1.8 kg / 3.5 kg
Lifetime (L70B10) 100 000 hours
Colour temperatures Cool White 5700°K (BF), Neutral White 4000°K (BN)
Diffuser Transparent, opalescent, non-actinic
Luminous flow From 2200 to 13140 Lumens
Power From 18 to 102 Watts
Operating temperatures - 35°C to + 60°C
UGR < 19
Class according to ISO 14644-1 ISO 5 to ISO 9
Class according to GMP B to D
Design & manufacturing French
Guaranty 5 years (10 years as an option)