Design and manufacturing of sub-assembly or full lighting solutions externalized for any integrating company.
Mechanical and optical Studies. Design and functions are adapted to satisfy any requirement in white or any other wavelength (visible or not).


Points forts

  • OEM lighting DEVICE designed with LED technology
  • For any medical or industrial application
  • Optical and mechanical study including functionalities and 3D design
  • Active wavelength selection
  • Designed for reliability and durability
  • Compliant with all applicable regulations


LUCISBIO® performs all required studies needed to answer all customer requirements from device manufacturing to its integration.

LUCISBIO® selects manufactured solutions are based upon various components in order to propose a complete and suitable and reliable lighting solution, with extended life expectancy.

Our BESPOKE solutions are particularly suited to be integrated into equipments which concern semi or spatial industry, defence industry, pharmaceutical sector, safety laboratories, cosmetic industry, food industry or healthcare.

LUCISBIO® can respond to specific applications, requiring specific ranges of emitted wavelength for various applications, eg: the growth of vegetables, the biological treatment of surfaces, the detection of particle contamination on surfaces, multifunctional phototherapy.