LUCISBIO®’solutions: innovative and durable

LUCISBIO® is the creator of the DALSP-X, a range of LED lighting, patented and robust solutions, which by supressing all ceiling apertures constraints, considerably simplifies cleanroom design and study.

Without any retention surface to contamination, all LUCISBIO® range has been thought and is being manufactured in compliance with all applicable cleanrooms regulations and standards for the life sciences (from class ISO5 to ISO9) and the semi sector (ISO2 to ISO9).
All LUCISBIO products are compatible with  hydrogen peroxide vapour (H2O2) and with all other chemical preparations used for room treatment.

With a life expectancy of L70B0 @ 100 000 hours, a lighting drive flexible to any requirements and a low power consumption, LUCISBIO® solutions contribute actively to reductions in operating costs.