User perception: luminous flow management

Another challenge to face, as important as the previous two, is to provide the powerful flow of light in a manner which is both appealing and suited to the working environs.

This objective is fulfilled by optimising distribution of luminous beams in the active structure of the lighting system before being directed to the illuminated area.

LED can be provided with mounted primary optics or with a secondary optic in order to establish specific or intensive lighting of surfaces and areas. These accessories, which modify the photometry, can be used to optimize the delivered light distribution

All LUCISBIO® solutions se are compliant to the EN 60598-1 standard and are classified in the Group 0 or 1 for the photobiological risk according to NF EN 62471 and IEC TR 62778.


Group General description
Group 0 – exempt of risk No photobiological risk
Group 1 – low risk No photobiological risk in normal conditions of use
Group 2 – moderate risk No hazard due to the aversion response to very bright light sources or thermal discomfort
Group 3 – High risk High risk even for a short exposure