Origin of our concept

As cleanroom users and designers, we possess the knowledge of their routine maintenance. Thanks to this knowledge and to our LED expertise, we have established a list of significant improvement which brings a strong added value.

From this point, the idea to create lighting solutions which could last as long as the cleanrooms, without any required maintenance for a minimum of 15 years of use, appears.

For more than 10 years, we have studied and manufactured patented lighting solutions, compatible with all cleanrooms ’constraints. The innovation relies on the following points :

  • The use of LED technology which was bringing a lifetime expectancy (in the year 2008) of 60 000 hours; more than 100 000 hours in 2015.
  • Installation without cutting any opening in the ceiling with a 12 mm depth lighting fixture, offering no retention surface to particulate contamination.

In 2008, we were providing all reasons to convince to the attractivity of LED and surface mounted solutions for cleanroom and sensitive industries. Since then, our lighting solutions have proved themselves. They simplify cleanroom design, reduce the engineering studies whilst providing savings and reliability.

Today, the most constraints cleanrooms for pharmaceutical industry, semi-conductor, defence & space, and life sciences are equipped with our solutions.

With the wide adoption of LED, our attitude has evolved. Our recommendation as a manufacturer is more and more obvious, as manufacturer of lighting solutions for cleanrooms with preventive maintenance is fully scheduled.

Our range of product is widening and evolving in relation with our customer needs.

  • Use of the last available LED and electronic components, we choose between the two world of this sector, to guaranty a lifetime up to 100 000 hours*, therefore 11 years for a 24H/24 usage of 22 years for a 12H/24 usage.
    * according to the IEC/PAS 62722 recommendations and based on TM-21 system and LM-80 data of LED manufacturers.
  • A simplified installation, always without cutting aperture in the ceiling panels, and multiple other solutions (revamping)

Anecdote: LEDs are manufactured in cleanrooms by epitaxy and PVD processes. In these rooms and in the process itself, the presence of particles can cause defects on the wafer that are etched to create LEDs. LUCISBIO lighting solutions equip cleanrooms of some deposition systems manufacturers.